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Review fr movie Lucy (legthy)

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I have seen  with great interest the movie  that was premiered this week  (1.12.17)in our  nationwide commercial TV movie channel Star that in the very  start was marked as U-rate whiCh  later was corrected  into PG. necessary parental guidance
The movie starts very rogue with unnecessary violence Lucy M was  pressed by her boy friend to deliver a handbag  with CPH4 a chem. essence inside a plastic bag as a new drug  The gang kills him  . Among other 4  persons she  got a surgery The  bag was planted iside her body aimed  to transfer this  essence to a target .CPH4  was leaked inside her body resulting into an increase of  her minds potential  first to 20%. and gradually increasing.  The  boss then wanted to stop her. .. while  she wanted to know on what can happen to her life and take revenge against  the gang...
Movie was  full of action  with very fast pacing with many poor visual effects from just  typical metaphysics and telecom effects(goof!) to time travel in 100%(possibly not goof .
Very good drama  with lots of  suspense and very simple plot  . Scarlet leads the film wih her good play  while Morgan is nearly useless.

Action 4/5
Now on the background :The writer is totally ignorant  in basic  physics and scientifically full of holes in favor  to suspense and action.
The  main point  CPH4 is a real  ingredient  in pregnant mothers.  There are many sites including Quora that probe these allegations and Benson knows that. Many sites  refereed to this ingredient and  the facts behind that and the movie.
I have  some very good knowledge  in radio and limited in metaphysics paranormals  and  neurosciences that help me to go in depth of the  writer's ignorance:  Some new researches show that we use our full brain. Lucy with in just 20%  learnt Korean and Chinese, fully memorize 6500 pages from a teachers works   ,excelled  in shooting with a gun, drive  without  knowledge  at her first time as Shumacher (haha!),do telekinesis, deactivate others minds (min control poss. not goof ), read distant people's minds  (possibly not goof) but also control radio frequencies  mobiles and TVs and map the  radio spectrum  to identify the communication frequency  between the Koreats and then listen to  them from  the... police  transceiver!
Really  ? How can she faultlessly drive at so very high speed as the best car racer without any previous experience  ? How can she map the entire spectrum?  ?How could she decode  the digital coding format of mobiles ?showing reach of 00s is stil  a wrong excuse. Both GSM bands were digitally  encoded using TDM.
And finally in the end of the movie before starting the final experiment,  well aware   of the gang  outside the experiment room  and with more than 70% MR e she could really  remotely neutralize all of them with just a simple thought or even kill them. Why  she  expected  the police to do that? this   proves she  is idiot.
And finally Lucy taking the role  of God!!! haha...

(to be edited)
It is clear that  Benson  wanted  to favour action and suspense at the expense of everything other (logic and some  basic physics) and become troll.
In a way to troll against  his audience with the 'nonexistent background adn get ridiculed.

Therefore: He had  to do  a lot more side research before making stores full of goofs.
Scientific Background :1/5  except possibly  the paranormal .that get the 1

Anyway i watched it for second time  the next day for looking again the goofs. It was   recorded as the time aired  was too early  9pm  the time my  8  yo daughter was playing with her  friend in the house. I m sure to watch it several times again mainly for laughing a/o analyzing the movie more .

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My best of the best songs ever

Written  in tablet with autocorrect off.

55  vews 5/12 (15 days after) and none  replied .that seems western music  is empty unless none involves with this wonderful music 

As you may know -and surely most of   DXers know that i am most fan of Malaysia, I put here  my bestof best songs i have herd for more  than 50 years to show my highly diversified musical tastes of all the time  The listing  consists mainly with the most mesmerizing ,extraordinary- literally and figuratively  ,or just shocking songs (say melodies  regardles to the lyrics ) These "emobombs " (emotional bombs ) as I call them go above the highest rational rating level.

Before leaving this page please feel urged  to drop your comment on the end of this listing and advise me for any 'western song"  yo think can be of great value. YOUr help is  absolutely necesary in order tofillthslisting and identify the remain emobombs shold they exist. 
Most of the listed songs can be  easily  found in YouTube for listening them except wth these noticed in blue.Checked 9-11/11/17
Notice that all lists  have some  missing material.

#'Western' classics

Inumerable  classic and metal songs have been heard for sooo long but only a few songs excited me so much to mark them as 'emotion bombs' The first listing  shows the emotion bombs  the second shows some very important classics.  I also include  three outstanding rock groups that get out of the metal crowd the period i was listening to metal music during 80s . Please advise me for other  songs that follow the melodic patern of the first group so i can identify other posslibly missing songs. 

  • One day in your life (M Jackson )
  • When  you tell me that you love  me (Diana Ross)
  • My heat will go on Celine  Dion  (aka titanic )
  • Unbreak my heart - (Toni Braxton)
  • From Sarah with love (Sarah Connor)  
  • I will always love you -(Whitney)
  • Right here waiting for you RMarx 
  • Take my breath away-Berlin
  • Power of love-J Rush 
added melodies list: 
  • I wanna know what love is Foreigner
  • Everythin i do -Bryan Adams
  • Wonderful life Black
  • Whitout you Air Supply 
  • Listen to your heart Loxete
  • Careless  whisper George Michael 
  • you and me   from a woman snger 
  • Promise me breverly craven
  • A thousand years Cristina perri
  • Stay with my heart -sophie zelmani
  • Nothin gona change  my love for you-JBenson
  • Sorry  seems the .. 
  • Holiday /Still loving you  Skorpions and other ballads of them 
  • Self control laura braningan
  • Riot and Dokken metal groups    -most of their songs   .

Various classics  from all the world (gruped by singer )

The story is very long. Interest was first with  small vinyls of 45RPM during early 60s.This was my encounter with nice japanese sngs of that time which are totaly irrelevant to today's jpop 'rubbish' music as compared with their grandpas.  With the use of FM and shortwaves  since early 70s my interest was changed  to festivlty ie undergound  Greek , Hindi , Arabic Korean and  Chinese  and later with Bulgarian Serbian and Romanian music among other countries I visted those old times. Greek listing  getsnext to that. 

Special cases and returning thyis period back to ambient music :
  • Last kiss (Ishtar alabina )
  • Jarre's ambient neoclassicals :Oxygene I, Equinox ,Mag fields , China ,Rendez vous ,Cousteau
  • A coeur perdue/ Ce  soir j eitait perdue (Mirelle Matier?)
  • Apres toi/L amour est bleu  -Viky Leandros (Greek)
  • Forever and ever Demis Roussos (greek )
  • La vie en rose/Abrazame / Goodbye my love /Natalie Julio Inglesias 
  • You know I love you -Datuk Shake (Malay!!)
  • Sretno ti bilo sine  /sretno ti radjindan mama (Neda Ukraden  among more of her |tapes)
  • 帰らぬ想い出 # [ kaeranu omoide] 45 
  • 愛と 死の形見  #[ai to shinno katami]/ 45 (山中みゆき Yamanaka Miyuki- this singer made me FEEL the music)
  • 我爱你中国 (Wo ai ni Zhongguo I Love You China /SW/U2B) Possibly PRChina's  second national hymn 
  • 一朵小花  [Yi duo xiao hua /a flower]   a male version heard in FM on 89 was the best among others in u2b
  •  再回首/ 姜育恆  Zai Hui Shou /Jiang Yu Heng Fm/tape/u2b
  • Roothey ho tum tumko kaise manaon piya روٹھے ہو تم تمکو کیسے منوں پیا (Nayyara Noor)  SW
  • भूल गया सब कुछ bhol gaya sabh kuch (Julie i love you OST)  Lata+ Kishore from Sat
  • यह कहाँ आ गए हम Yeh Kahaan Aa Gaye Hum/Silsila OST Amit +Lata  -movie  
  • तेरी याद आ रही ह  teri yaad a rahi he SW

45:vinyl rec /SW from shortwaves/Sat-elite /#not  in Youtube/u2b :Youtube

Also very important to mention with coments :
  •  _عبد الحليم حافظ / بصرت ونجمت كثيراً_‎. -basurt wanajamt thyrraam ( Abd Halim Hafeez ),aka my name bashtartu one of my top arabic songs  of 70s .The singer/orchastrator is a 'clone' of one workmates before 2012   .Greek underground music of 60-80 has  borrowed many songs from arab countries.
  • Nunca sabre by Mario Suarez - latin and my best version  of a world famous Greek song 'an thimithis t oniro mou,i f u remember my dream'  widely known as "honeymooon song" by Mario Martini  and Beatles!
  •   東京アンナ by大津美子 [Tokyo Anna by Otsu Yosiko] The song is more known to older Greeks (sailors of 50-70) .There was also a greek version called 'xenitefthkes kale mu' by Anthula Mpuziani at  a slower pace.
  •   कुछ कुछ होता ह kuch kuch hota he Udit/Alka .This big hit   of mid90's afaik has been  vesioned at least in Afganistan Malaysia and Indonesia at least !

-Greek Songs (very missing most are very olds )

I include some important  mesmerizing songs from neo kima -new wave of70s noticed with asterisk.
Siplified writing for easy pronuncation  as you read an english text   : th as in thin,dh as in this
Two  emobombs:
  • Ena kalokeri* (a summer )by today's only mesmerizing singer Matina Satti
  • An i agapi ine agapi  (if love is really love) DimThanopulos  - Greek version of La Mentira OST
The listing of extraordinary songs:
  • Savato ki apovrado* (late night of saturday)- Haris Alexiou among others of her
  • Ela mazi mou -Lakis Papas* (come with me )
  • Mi mou milas gia agaph*(dont tell me abtlove  )/ Na diokso ta sinefa* (I'l l pull off the clouds  -Galani  
  • Mia fora thimame (I once remember)  -Arletta *
  • Mi mu thimonis  matia mu(dont be angry) -Pulopulos/Daralas
  • Kapios yortazi* (s'one feasts)/Apopse gia sena* (tonite for u ) -Asteriadi
  • To oniro mu pethane* (the dram is gne)Zografos*
  • Hristinaki (litle  chirstine ) -Chomata *
  • Sygnomi (apologies) -Olympians
  • Hartino  to fegaraki (the moon is made from paper)- Mouskouri
  • Palio kanoni-Petropulos (ol canon, antiwar)
  • Pios  na xeri- Tonis Vavatsikos (just for reference :a song with superb lyrics )
  • Tora pia Parios ( orig: if you go Barry+ Eileen )
  • Thalasa platia ( Music :Hajidakis)
  • Pou nan o iskios sou The'e (God where's yor shadow) Cleo Denardu
  • Kalokeria ke himones (Mitropanos my fav olies singer )
  • Itan pente  itan eksi /Minore tis avgis  Dalaras
  • Ta mavra matia sou (your blackeyes) - Agelopoulos (eternal undergrond song) 
  • I stigmes ekeines-Kanari  (underground singer better than Aguilera's voice twists /uplifted  pop70's version  of original turkish Orhan Gencebay - Sarhosun Biri)
  • Mono ego xero-Kanari  btw Mrs Kanari  was my second life's musical mark point  after Miyuki 
Notice :
Hadjidakis,Theodorakis,Vicky Leandros, Demis roussos, Vangelis and Yani  are well known internationally long ago . Rouvas  and Helena paparizou   are possibly known for the new generation.

-IndoMalay songs

Deeply strong interest  afer a  business leisure   trip on Spore on Aug89 with FM recordings .I then returned in Sw mainly for looking Malay music and on 95  conected  to malay pals via  the net. Some of  them are in Facebook after the collapse of Mulptiply on Sept13.
Very short  list from a  6000+songs material i own and abuot 800 hard core songs with the most 'emobombs' reffered. Mesmerizing voices of Misha Omar,Saidatul Erma are noticed  .Other mesmerizing voices as the very sexy saddy voice of Aishah, Anrieza, Evie Tamala the well known dangdut singer,  and males  Sudirman, Dato Shake are not noticed here.Their listing is very long. 

  • unIDed Indohymn!!
  • 'Mengapa  sayang' -unknown title /singer FM89'

  • Aku sebutir pasir- Jee (Fauziah latif )
  • Bukan Kemahuan Fikiran by Whitney Huston haha! *see on end 
  • Bungabunga cinta/halaman cinta  plus-Misha 
  • Cinta/cinte seribu erti /seskali merindu(chn)/hati yg sepi Saidatul Erma.
  • Cnta dihatiku -Suliza 
  • Diatas kerta  ini /Kita serupa/Bunga sakura^ -Dayangku Intan (^and a few more kroncong songs from Hetty)
  • Dimata cinta – Ayati
  • Dimatamu aku dihatimu dia -Deja Moss 
  • Disuatu persinpangan  (Sal. Hassan)
  • Doa -Rahimah Rahim (nasyid)
  • Gemilang Erra Fazira
  • Hati sepi sorang wanita/Tuah nya malang ku-Linda Elizabeth
  • Jeritan batin ku (version) /Nilai cinta mu-Liza Xanim 
  • Kalimah Indra- Farah 
  • Kau bunga ku  -Dato  shake
  • Kerna dia kita  terpisah/Selendang kasih -R Jalil 
  • Melakar  rindu(Jeslina Hashim)
  • Nurani-Eisya
  • Rantau Abang /Rafeah
  • Seandanya -Betharia  Sonata
  • Tak ku sangga Arnieza and Bob
  • Tanpa cinta mu (or/and Withot you ) -Camelia.  They are   the same song separately in Malay and English .This is not the well known song. 
  • You and I - posibly Ning 

  • Bila rindu ku sebut nama mmu –Siti faiurz
  • Cinta kasih ku Rika Melia (dangdut writen by Evie Tamala)
  • Jangan kau hancurkan /Di renjisrenjis ( 80s version of trad) Shidee
  • Keresahan Sharifah
  • Selandang rindu-Rohayu Majid
  • Tiap waktu terluang -Kazar (as melody)

  • Asyik/ Sufi/Mimpi dalam mimpi/Seribu bayangan (Damasutra  ) 
  • Biarputih tulang-Dinamik~
  • Cinta mekar dihati /cinta sewangi kasih/sendiri/jemu -M.A.Y (not exactly but are my favs)
  • Izabela -Search  (the best and evergreen Malay ballad)
  • Kau yang brenama seri-Handy Black
  • Kelaurga bahagia -saujana (nasyid)
  • Kepadamu kekasih hati-Sting 
  • Matahari ku -Amuk 
  • NIna Karina /pergi/puteri Nastasea -Mega
  • Panawar rindu 'by' Buterfly (the only version I like. Orig is folky)
  • Pasrah -various singers 
  • Sampai hati -Ameng
  • Sinambungan cinta /kausalju cita Gravity my wife's bst
  • terperangkan dalam siranan /sentuhan cinta Hanafie Warren
  • Zakiah and Nurani by Kristal (zakiah is folky) 

 songs  in blue  not available in the net 

Special  notices:
  • Known internationally singers by time : Dato Shake , Sheila Majid (jazz),  ,Anita  Sarawak,  Sudirman, Siti Nurhaliza, Anggun (Indo) recently French singer, Sheila Amzah (in  China)  and Yuna.  
  • Cintaku hanyut dilautan sepi /Ramlah Ram :my first connection  to malay music on 89-90 that time as 'emobomb'.Others of the time were nyanyian sepasang hati,rantau abang  and many nonIDed. My third  life's musical  mark point. But still Ram  is my fav singer.MOre on my book 25[+] years Malaysia.
  • Lek Mayang :I can describe it  as the song of death and call of spirits.Used mainly for dancing shows.  Ella 's  rock version is  very impressive and cinematic.Also Cromoc's metal  vesions (two  versions) are  very good.Refers to an old tale.Please google  for more on the story.
*Dessy  Fitri ,an Indo, is excellent on singing  Whitney with her soft voice  . She sung also the 'greatest love of all"   . . Song "Bukan.."  is uplifted from  F.Latiff's  original to Toni Braxton's 'un-break my heart' song  rythm  and style. "Bukan.." cannot be found in the net.

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Κριτικες ελληινικών ταινιών (συγκεντρωτικά) new post

Ο θεός ήταν μάγειρας!
Χωρίς να την θεωρώ  κωμωδία οι έξυπνες αστείες  ατάκες με κάναν και γέλασα αρκετά.Όταν  ένας πολύ ικανό άτομο στον τομέα του μπλέκει σε λάθος  κατεύθυνση  .. Δείτε και θα καταλάβετε!

Ενας  άλλος κοσμος
Μια πολύ ομορφη ιστορία αγάπης με μερικές  ακρότητες όπως κάποιος την χαρακτηρισε στο youtube: οι  επιδρομές τύπου κουκλουξκλαν  η χρυσαυγης  χτυπώντας  μετανάστες ,μια απρόσμενη εξέλιξη   σε ένα typical  greek lover story, και μια συναισθηματική σχέση μιας πενηντάρας με έναν Γερμανό στην σημερινή Ελλάδα .Σκηνοθεσια κλπ Παπακαλιάτη  με λίγο sex αλλα άρτιο κινηματογραφικό αποτέλεσμα 8/10
Το ερώτημα  είναι  ένα δηλαδη το ότι δειχνει την πραγματικότητα ωμή a la  vice , πρεπει να σκοτώνει την ποιότητα της ταινίας;αυτα δηλαδη δεν συμβαινουν;  ΄Πςς θα ένιωθε κάποιος γονεας  αν του συναιβενε βαινε να σκοτωθεί ο μετανάστης γιος του σε μια άλλη χωρα΄από ττοθς αντιστοίχους  χρυσαυγιτες;
Προσοχη: ¨δεν ειμαι  αριστεροοςγιανα  εκφρασω τετοια αποψη αλλα  μπαινω στην θεση και των  αλλων που εχασαν  την πατριδα τουσ εξ ατιας ενος πολεμου > και μιλαω για τοθ ς σωστοθσ οχι για τους εγκληματιεςπου υπαρχουν παντου ..

Gay αλβανός πιτσιρίκος  μέσα σε ένα επικίνδυνο οδοιπορικό  προσπαθεί να βρει τον πατέρα του .Γραμμένο από έναν δηλωμένο gay

Μη φύγεις
"πολυκαλη" tania  με υπογραφή  του Λαζόπουλου σε ένα μέρος που δούλεψα για ένα  φεγγάρι . Το μητικό της τανείας φαίνεται στο τέλος. "εξηυπνη" ιδέα  όπως και το νόημα της ζωής 'Σταματα να βλέπεις  το γκρι παρελθόν σου κοίτα  το άσπρο μέλλον σου  '

Η ταινία  ξεκινα σαν μια  "υπεραπαργαγωγη" μυστικών υπηρεσιών Αμέσως μετά μετατρέπεται σε μια πολύ χαλαρή ιστορία αστείων καταστάσεων σε ένα μέρος κάπου κοντά στην Πάφο όπου πάρχει ένα περίεργο κρατικό μυστικό  που "κανειες" δεν πρέπει να μάθει.Ώσπου ξαφνικά μια σειρά  μεταφυσικών στοιχειων από ένα άτομο που δεν το περίμενες κάνει την ανατροπή   Ταινία ασύνδετη που  δεν βγάζεις νόημα ιδιατέρα στο τέλος που όλοι χορεύουν  !
Τελικά δεν κατάλαβα τι εννοούσε ο ποιητής...

Αχ  αυτή η γυναικα μου

Μια κλασσική ξεκαρδιστική ταινία του Τσιφόρου  με άφθονο γέλιο έξυπνο  σενάριο  και ορισμένες αξέχαστες  σκηνές που σε κάνουν να σείεσαι από τα γέλια. Ταινία που όσες φορες κα να τις δεις δεν θα την  χορτάσεις Η Σαπφώ Νοταρά  με ατάκες που άφησαν εποχή (εδώ γίνονται Σόδομα και Γόμορρα)    και Αλίκη  σε μια πανέξυπνη Ούρσουλα  με  έναν ζηλιάρη σύζυγο.  Ο Τσιφόρος είναι πάντα μεγάλη εγγύηση  και ένας από τους καλύτερους Έλληνες σεναριογράφους 4/5


Ο ποδόγυρος  2/5

Ότι "8υμαμαι" από παλιά . Ένας τύπος (Κάποιος )ήτνα έτοιμος να "αυτοκτομησει" και η Έλενα Η  τον πήρε συνέντευξη Όταν στο τέλος είπε ότι ουέι a ζήσει τότε τα .....τεζάρισε Μια  μέτρια και αρκετά "κρυοκολη" ταινία σάτιρας  της εποχής του 80. 

Χτυποκάρδια στο θράνιο 4/5

Από τα πανέξυπνα αν και απλά σενάρια  της παλιάς καλής εποχής του τεραστιου Αλέκου Σακελαρίου βασισμένο σε σε κωμικές παραξηγήσεις και ένα θαυμάσιο sook .  Ταινία που άφησε εποχή και πολλές καλε ατάκες όπως ναυσικά  το μάλιστα και την αστεία αν όχι γελοία έκφραση του  με το στιχάκι  από το "αγάπη μου αγάπη μου" του Shah Αντί, η όπως αλλιώς  λέγεται Ο ψηλός ξέρει καλά να αυτό-μαστιγώνεται ...

Η κοροϊδάρα 3.5 /5

Από τις μέτριες ταινίες το παλιού "ελληνικου" κινηματογράφου με τον Ηλιόπουλο στον "ρολοτου" χαζού λογιστή αλλα αγίου διαχειριστή ενός "εργοστασιου " που δεν ξέρει καθόλου από γυναίκες . Μια κόρη της παντρειάς  που γουστάρει  διασκέδαση και ένα απατεώνα . Το  γκομενιάρης   αφεντικό και πατέρας της μικρής  μετά από πολλές ατυχες κρούσεις του υπαλληλου του, του δίνει μέρικς φωτογραφίες μιας γνωστη ηθοποιού (Κουράκου) ότι τάχα είχε σχέση με άψητη . Θα καταφέρει  ο υπάλληλος να  "ριεξι" την κόρη Πολύ προβλεπομενη ταινία αν και με άφθονο γέλιο

Ο καραφλός μαθητής 3/5

Ο Βέγγος σε μια ιδιατέρα αστεία και ανατρεπτική ταινία. Γονέας πια  δεν είχε το απαραίτητο απολυτήριο γυμνασίου  και "αναγακαστηκε" να επιστρέψει ξανά στο σχολειό μαζί με τον γιο του κα να κάνει για ακόμη μια φορα τον ρολο του θύματος και του σχεδόν κουμπούρα ενώ  σχεδόν όλοι οι καθηγητές τον έχουν για  τις μπάτσες Ταινία του 80


Στα καλα καθουμενα
Με ητην συμπαθεστατη μου ζετα μακρυπουλια . Μια  ευχάριστη ταινια με εξυπνο σεναριο αν και ολιγον τι σουεραλ με πολύ καλο τον Παπασπηλιοπουλο  και σε ρολο τρελλης την  παπαχαραλαμπουςΜΙα σσχτικα   ευθεια χιουμοριστικη ταινια  χωρις πολλες απαιτησεις απο τη πλευρα των ηθοποιων περιποθ σαν το ν παλιο  ελληινικο σινεμα



Οι γαμπροί της ευτυχίας  62 & 14 

Η ταινία αυτή  βασίζεται σε σενάριο του Τσιφόρου και είναι  μια ξεκαρδιστική κωμωδία  Έτυχε πρόσφατα να δω και τις δυο με διαφορά μιας μέρας με πρωταρχικό στόχο να κάνω συγκρίσεις  μεταξύ των δυο version και πραγματικά , και οι δυο δεν παίζονταν !
Η ιστορία και  στις δυο  περιπτώσεις  ήταν σχεδόν ίδια (σχεδόν όμοιο κείμενο ) με μερικές μικρές διαφορές μεταξύ τους :
Στην  καινούρια ταινία αναφέρεται  ένα μικρό background  πριν  την πρώτη γνωριμία . στην παλιότερη ταινία αναφέρονταν ότι τα χρήματα που κέρδιζε  η Ευτυχία (κάπου 200.000 σε έγγραφα δημοσίου  ) ήταν  για την ανιψιά της , στην καινούρια ταινία  τα χρήματα αναφέρονταν στην ιδία  και η οποία   σπατάλησε αρκετά . (από 2 εκ ευρώ  ) αγοραζοντας μέχρι και κότερο! Αφαιρώντας τα ευτράπελα της παραγωγής   

Anyway μια σύντομη κριτική για τους ηθοποιούς
  • Βασιλειάδου /Ρωπα  ¨ σχεδόν το ίδιο  (50/50 )
  • Ριζος /Ευρυπιωτης  45/55  (πιο σοβαρός από τον Ριζο )
  • Λάζου / Μαλφα 50/50
  • Αυλωνιτης / Αποστολάκης 70/30 (ο Αποστολακης μου φαίνεται πολύ άτσαλος )
  • Τσιτσοπουλος / Τσιμιτσελης 40/40 (και οι δυο παίζουν ένα άχαρο ρόλο )
Βαθμολογία  9 καις τις δυο περιπτώσεις

Το φιλί της ζωής  (2007)

Την ταινια την παρακολούθησα σε ένα τηλεοπτικό κανάλι .
Ταινία με εντυπωσιακά τοπία γυρισμένα στην Σίφνο και με μια ιστορία σχετικά απλή και με έναν απρόσμενο έρωτα  που άλλαξε την εξέλιξη μιας δολοφονίας

 Μια ελαφρώς δραματική ταινία μυστηρίου με αρκετά ευτράπελα και ένα σχετικά άτονο σασπένς παιγμένο με συγκινησιακά στοιχεία στο τέλος της ταινίας
τα ευτράπελα σε συνδυασμό με γνωστούς κωμικούς της σύγχρονης εποχής όπως Ζουγανέλης Μπουλάς και ένας πολύ cool  Θέμος

 Βαθμολογία 4/5

Πέμπτη και 12
Με τον Θανάση Τσαλταμπαση. Μια πολύ ευχάριστη ταινία  του κατά τα άλλα που συμπαθούς σε εμένα πρωταγωνιστή και σκηνοθέτη  Θανάση με μία πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα ελαφρώς μεταφυσική ιστορία με αρκετό χιούμορ χωρίς να είναι  κωμωδία Τουλάχιστον εγώ δεν την θεωρώ κωμωδία που σημαίνει για μένα πολύ γέλιο.  Κοντά στο πλαίσιο του παλιού  καλού κινηματογράφου και μια όντως αρκετά καλή παραγωγή
Όλοι παίζουν καλά εκτός  από  που τον Βλαδίμηρο Τον  θεωρώ πολύ βαρύ  για τον χαρακτήρα του σε αυτή την ταινία Όμως τα ανέκδοτα του Γαλιτη είναι πολύ χάλια. Ποιο χάλια δεν γίνεται

Σχολη για σοφερίνες 

Μια παλιά ελληνική ταινία με τον Βέγγο και άφθονο γέλιο . Παίχτηκε στο Σκάει  για την ημερα  του θανάτου  του Μπάρκουλη. μια ταινία γεμάτη ατάκες κυρίως από τον "αξιολάτρευτο  και απίθανο  Βέγγο. αυτά που με έκαναν μεγάλη εντύπωση ήταν  η αστεία  οδήγηση όταν ο βέγγος ανέβηκε αλλα χιώτικα  στους ωμους του  οδηγού ενός  μονοποδηλατου αλλα  και το πρωτότυπο   κλέψιμο του γαμπρού! Ο Ζανίνο έπαιζε  έναν πολύ κρύο ρολο (αν και πάντα  ήταν "κρύος" σε όσες ταινίες έπαιζε ) και οι τύψεις του Βέγγου που νόμιζε ότι τον σκότωσε, ήταν πολύ αστείες σε βαθμό απολυτου γέλωτος

Ο τελευταίος άντρας! 

Τελικά ποιος είναι ο τελυταίος άντρας ; Προφανώς  ο παραδοσιακός  ανατολίτης άντρας. Μια καυστική πλευρά  στρόι άκρατο φεμινισμό όπως και στον άκρατο ανατολίτη. Ένας Βουτσάς να τον κλέη οι... ρέγγες  !! που φτάνει μέχρι στα όρια του γελοίου. Μια απλοϊκή και επιφανειακή  ιστορία "περισοστερο" ga να γελάς όπως και οι περισσότερες της εποχής παρα να κανεις κριτική.

Ο μαγκούφης 

Μια χαρούμενη ιστορία με ευχάριστο σενάριο από τον πολύ παλιό καλο ελληνικό κινηματογράφο Σε μερικά σημεία στη αρχή  με θύμισε τον skroutz του dickens. Ο Φωτόπουλος στο ρολο του μαγκούφη αρνιόταν  να δεχτεί πρόταση  να παντρευτεί ώσπου μια όμορφη κοπέλα του έκανε 'κλικ' στην καρδια Όταν όμως έμαθε την συνωμοσία που έπαιξαν σε βάρος του τότε τα πήρε στο κρανίο αν και τελικά  η καρδια του έλεγε αλλα. Η Μάρθα Βούρτση  σε ένα ρολο όχι τόσο κοντά σε ρόλους που την έχουμε συνηθίσει.


Ο τρελός της πλατείας αγαμων 

Ο Γκιωνάκης σε μια ξεκαρδιστική κωμωδία με ένα λευκό γάμο που το τέλος  εξελίχτηκε σε ένα μαφιόζικο κόλπο του θείου του . Ο μπάρμπα Γιώργης και η Νέζερ σε έξυπνους ρόλους.


Tzoum "ταρατατζουμ" 

Μια κωμική ταινία του James Paris που θυμίζει αρκετά  την ιστορία  Ιππείς του Αριστοφάνη με αρκετά 'σύγχρονα στοιχεια (της εποχής του 80 και ίσως πιο πριν )  Πολλά  ευτράπελα που θυμίζουν μάλλον βέγγο να τρέχει και αριστερή φρασεολογία 3/5

Γύφτικη κομπανία με τον Ταμτάκο για μαϊμούδες. 

Παρόλο που η ώρα ήταν αρκετά περασμένη   (το είδα στο E,  είχαν περάσει μεσάνυκτα) παρέμεινα βλέποντας  την ταινία για να dew που θα καταλήγει και τίποτα περισσότερο .
Ο Ταμτάκος είναι ένας χαζών γύφτος και έχει ένα μεγάλο  ταλέντο  : την φωνή του. Ένας  μουσικός manager  τον προτείνει να τραγουδήσει. Ο Ταμτάκος   βρίσκει την παλιά του παρέα ηλιθίων και ξαναφτιάχνουνε το συγκρότημα και τραγουδάν τι άλλο σκυλάδικα (Ο Θεός  να τα κάνει τραγούδια δηλαδή)   , Το συγκρότημα σημειώνει τέτοια επιτυχία που τραγούδησε μέχρι και στο ....μέγαρο!!  (πολύ χοντροκομμένο το βρίσκω)
Τα  κείμενα  είναι χαλια όπως και οι μισοί να τους κανεις ηθοποιούς. Το plot κάπως ξεχωρίζει καθώς έχει μια ενδιαφέρουσα πλοκή. "αλκομη" και ο πιο σοβαρός  σε άλλες ταινίες του είδους  ο Μάρκος Λεζές  που ραζή τον ρολο του δικηγόρου είναι για σφαλιάρες και ο Λευτερης Μελέτης  είναι τα μαύρα μου τα χαλια - κάνει τον  καθυστερημένο αν και είναι λίγο πιο αίγειρος απότον Ταμτάκο ! . Ο Ρίζος παίζει με βάση το γνωστό του στυλ  ,  Ο  Γκιωνάκης   είναι χαλια.Η sexy Μαρία Κώνστα  η συμπρωταγωνίστρια είναι ο μονος σοβαρός ρόλος  της ταινίας . Η ερωτική ανταγωνίστρια της Μηνα Aντουλακη μοιάζει σαν άχαρο ...παγόβουνο   ).  1/5

reviews of non greek movies -new post

Written in a tablet with auto-correct off.Sorry for all typos
encountered but spends too much precious time

The movies below are shown in a TV Channel that previously aired only greek  movies.

The write
A humorous story with a rather crazy and depressed Hugh Grant in the role of to be scenario teacher  in a public  school nearby NY He was a seceanrio writer  whose old movie was a big hit several years ago but his other movies  were a total disasster.  Many instances can make you laugh though  the movie is not  purely a comedy.  Just a little bit of romance mixed with funny instancesescially with  the very phlegmatic female senond head of the school  who wanted to fire him due to bad  attitude inte school.

Paddington 2
After strong  insistence from  my family we finaly decided  to watch this movie after a vey long visit to cinema  at least 2 years.
OUr final decision  was   from the imdb rating and the trailer as  shown inthe cinema's webage embedded from youtube in very bad quality making me suppose that  the movie was a wholly CGI production. In contrast i was impressed that it follows the Suart litle idea of CGI mixed reality. Very good
Logically mentioning,  watching  a bear behaving as human is very fun as it  happens   with many other family  movies .BUt just remember it is orieinted to children of all ages .A flawy and naive young bear that coresponds  to a boy of around  10 years of  age lives into a small dstrict of London beloved by anyone, except a neighbour .Hugh Grant however is the movies' bad person in rather  caricature format  or acting just as a clown. He makes you easily  hate him..Other minor but important roles as the people in the jail are quite fun and the marmelade idea which changes it all .  Even funier  are the after end snippets  with Hugh Grant in  ...(just  try to watch the movie! )
Relatively long movie of 145 minutes , good and relatively complex  plot,, many twists and a happy 'unexpected' end. I could easily  expect it as most of the twists. Many  funny but also touching emotional moments.and a good moral. As we say here if you are a good person and do the good, the good will return back to you.
My daughter adored it, my wife 'loved' it-she can't express herself-  and I liked it well . Good experience!


Face /off
As a lover of actio  movies Injoyed  very much ths 2+hours movie  directedbyJohn Woo leving my sleep for later . BOth Ttravolta and Cage play very well and mimic the one the other  after the ' face change 'in a very beliavable way while i loughed well in many instances with their funny attitude and the cange of  both's ife   . Full of  action from the start while there were some drama scenes mixed with action.Result however was predictable and typical:the good wins the bad and the face is returned.

*I love you Philip  MOrris t; Hmm a heretical Jim Carey in  a gay story with a really  crazy man  doing anything he can the  Carey way to suport his  love who is really a blonde . I was thought  that the movie could be  smoking related as Philip MOrris directly   relates  to me  with the well known cigarete brand .The hero is really  too crazy  fnding holes in the legal  system  and includes several aminutes  of some drama trying  to drag once gain  the atention of his divorced  frind an a  very complex way to   deceive  so many people by showing he has a very severe disease  just one step before dying. 3/5 I hope that you get wat i say!Crazy movie crazy writing here

*My  frinds girldfriend 3/5 spoiler

A romantic comedy with lots of gags and funny instances. A pervert  man - this is his job-  frind of a porn movie lover but also romatic person agrees  to make   girlfrind   of the secoond  push her  back to him  by showg a bery  bad attitude to her  . Finally he (the pervert )  gets in love wih her but tries to revert the situation by beingg again pervert in 12 steps and then .. .Quite predictable movie too shallow meanings but very enterntaining. HUmor and fnny  conditions are a good reason to watch the movie. Guess  whats hapenig with his romantic  friend ...Big surprise!

*Filthy  from Scotland: a movie that desevres no reason fore someone to watch.A corrupted co who only speaks filthy ,makes sex  with various women including his wife and visits his psych doc I watched thehafmovie  ans stoped to get for sleep


*Blood Alley Steven Seagull is a very stiff  cop and rude backgrond story stopping criminals in a flesh and orgrans trade.Quite old  this time 3/5 

*Violence of action :next part of the movie series of Seagull with nonstop action whle looking to kill his enemies  NOthing special as the prevous i suppose blood alley and continues .... 3/5


Please read my very long review here


Wonderful scitech movie  that seems having good background tat seems quite realizable inmostofitsparts and with much emotional features  from his characters . Ilked the coputers to think as real humans with itshumor and sarcasm. evn unny was th thoery  of the bee-nest   that forwarded  the spaceship into the  time and the other universe>Theonlyididntlike was  the verylengt story of 3 hours


resident evil :retribution.

I ifnaly watached themovie in itsnr full length>Mila is wonderful  in her semihuman role tojoine the other opeple and gettingina a continuous confrontation with the everh changing  'visual' envnironment and also coping with a bad beast The  chick war on te end of the movie was  the most entertaining a scene that was deep in my mind from the previosu time  i have watched it.



taken 3 

In contrast to  Lucy ,Besson now renimburses me  with a good action movie. Very fast pacing withi intrigue and an d good actor Leeam Nesson coping against th epolice and the bad russian guys . The movie at about 100+ minutes stll seems very condensed wth  some fast forward scenes  that explain some mysteries  of previous  action previosly shown . Still unrealistic as Lucy it shows the main character to  be  bit of Superman who  can cope even the impossible


Dear John 

Sometimes  beautiful and realistic  movies as this make you remember the values of  life and love . A love drama that makes yo womder which is more important love  or country wealth? The boy prefered his country wealth losing his girl who prefered to suport a autistic  boy  and his father.Amanda shines with her beauty and is very natural. Nevertheless these wars are made from USA agaisnt  the USA using various countries as 'middlemen' . 


the spirit

Black movie   bad story .very low pace that mades me ...sleep ! a sense of full  nonsense 



Crazy movie wth twoguys coping and cooping  agaisnt a cartel of drug  circulators.These two are unbeliavables .inthe mddle anice girl who is the  lover of both .. nothingmore 


Margin Call 

In terms of  action is totally slow.The story is supposed to move fast but this was too slow.I know the problems that happened in WS but i m sure the reltity would be faster than it.


This  means ....war !

Very crazy movie 

rating :lol 

Iron  sky 

A  very sarcastic move of the Fuhrer folwers living in the moon ready to ...dominate our world with  their ...ancient  technology and the remain caractes of the mobie mosty humilating themselves in an unnatural an verys tupid   humor  .That movie mames me LOLing with its awkwardenss   .Too unnatural.




The 33 souls

Based  ia true story the movie shows the life of 33 miners enclosed in the earth for 86 days and the fight of the goverent person with the time  to save them.In the end there was  a small tribute to the real miners and their afterlife.

A wnderful  and very moving movie as tribute for this miracoulous endeavor 

More than15year since i have seen Kate de Castillo since the series 'La Mentira' the time latin soap operas telenovelas were aired in the greek TV on the first half of 21th century. Mentira was among   the best  series in terms of  story quality of those aired,not to mention Usurpadora as second.

Defnitely 5/5 

Nowing with Nick Cage 

This mystery  story starts  quite slow paced but the interest goes towards  the end when the earth goes into destruction .some little  action and an impressive backgroumd :Sun will destroy  the warth very soon and a notice writenfrom  ynggirl intexsholl that shows the key for that 


Mercury rising 

2/5 the movie  is good with its action but after  that the innerdialogue of Mila's   makes that VERY  boring. i could prefer ifthe author broken the movie intor two parts 

Get hard 

(deliberate word errors)

The funny with the TVhannel  is that he moviewas rated  in the start  as U and then changed twice towads  R15 .The movie gets quite  ridiculous fo no  reason as for examle a knife in the head or  the full instance of  using bad language as a way tohelp  the loser  (the main author, an idiot though a sucessful money player) 'feel the torture' and on how to behave with the bad people  when he will reach  in the jail after his father in law comited him for money abuse      .Story twists  are the only intesting of the movie. 

Movie is unnaturally  idiot as the main characters My condolescences to them and the writer writing such rubish.Huh


Wolf of Wall Street / Rogue trader 

two movies of parallel stories 

1. WWS :Scorcese and  DiCaprio guaraantee this movie. As with the greek moie"god is hef?" this brillant movie iis o fun without be marked as comedy.There are many fun attitudes and gags between  the crazy charactes of the gangthat mak you laugh loud.Dicaprio plays it well without  overacting .It i  sad however that a so billant mind as the real person Bellford to be a drug addict. 

Definitely 4/5  adn bitten  as we call that in Greece!

2.Rogue Trader :In contast  to the 'conedy' movie ithsis a drama story of a  money graber ofsamecatergory as  Belford who set his bank to default Tis  story is 90% close to the Belford'.and all of that because of his bad is very sad that  some poeple dot undestnd when to desist their business in favour to another work ...



Several well known actors(I  know Hayek and Travolta) played in a quite complex plot   with two  differet ends the ideal and the 'real' .Quite cruel especically from   the gangmaster  of  Hayek with much of blood for no reason thoug savages  is refered to the two main boys by that man. Full of action and drama as narrated  by the female co-protag. 

3.5/5 as story  2/5 as result.

In servng his Majesty / God serve Britania /Asterix in Britain 

French Engish and greek  titles together respectively !

This movie is ludicrous,  a  remix between  Asterix  In Britain ,Asteric and Nosrks (Nomandy), with lots of very  spicy satire Spicy as a whole habanero pepper .

The normands  are shown as idiots just looking to learn the  fear It happmned to them after a very phlegmatic housemaid was in   .  Brritain of 50 BC is with the  british   etiquete and total indifference except the personal agenda , homosexuality  ,  the phlegmatic  english way of thinking and even  the 20th century logic on fashion on clothing rock n roll ,guitars drums   ,buses , skinheads .and  fnally Julius Ceasar who lost everything and returned dack  to his hishomeland humbled after asterix learnt the British drinikin' ...tea!

This  movie is a culture and time blender! M sure that Both Gosciny  and Uderzo could condemn the  scripter for  this sacrilegious  scenario.

Tip:Take this movie very light or you will hate it ! 


Disconect :

At the start of the movie till the middle i was  rather dissappointed  watchng it casually  but as the movie got to the end  i felt rather movied . It is  a mixup of 3 stories of people inviolved in duscussions in  chat rooms . A nearly divorced woman  chating with someone while her husbands card and other suposedly financial data was stolen .Two young guys made fun with an  emo in the  same class. A journalist interviewed a youngman of  sexual chatroms . What happens next?

Definitely  a movie for anyone invlved  in the net . This is a very good warning 

Very bad that the movie was rated R15 due to profanity Iang I m sure that the scenario more refined coul be rated to U

5 /5 

 This means war! 3.5/5 

An undexpectedly fun movie Iwas  laghing from te start of  the movie until its end. BOth  actors get into  war for a woman Reeze Wwitherspoon while  fiding a high level gansgster.then it s upon  to her to decide whom wll selact. Reeze  seems  a bt older than the male actors and seems  as  Cameron Diaz of a    MI type comical action  movie story has also a last twist  on the end. 

Iron sky  (?) 3/5

The  movie is a finnish  with low budget   as  shown in the start of the movie . I was  rally loughed very deeply from the start to the end of the movie that was ony a bit serious on the end .  This seems as like  comic parody of scifi movies.  I was  fascinated  that  this so low  budget (just with the help of CGi) made the  movi sound as like a 100m prduction wth very nice spaceships and a vey  anachronistic tech of the  Nazi spaceships as the 'ancient' Zeppelin. The sexy frau is really not so nice . Mr Washington was very funny as arian.  Even the dscssions in te UN were very  enjoyable looking at quarels or sapeaking as  like being [c]lo[o]se frinds . Watch it and make and take it very light.  

We own the night 4.5/5 

the move s  melodrama  with  crime   action and sentiments.  A man working ona bar (how are called )  where his boss and boss son  are involved in drug trafic. Meanwhile man's bother anf father are policemen and ar inlvoved in the chase of the drug tafficerks and their  mainbosses .   Yhe  story seems perttygood and i liked it. The only problem is that the TVchannel posibly removed the titles on the start of the movie . it 's possible that the  info titles  were on the end of the movie. Tough i addjusted the reording with 15more minutes from the  predetermimed time , the mov was  atlast 5 monutes longer than i expected... 

Family weekend 2/5 

The movie started  very awfully  tough near the end  it went smoth and quite better . a totally  brken family  is reunited  after the abrupt and rather criminal action of the daughter Not so comical as it suposed to be  neither for children due to bad language. 

Johny English 4/5 

Mr Bean in excceptionally  funny movie . Rowan  atkisnon is expert  in ridiculing himself and this movie shows the same thogh as spy for MI5 makes you pass your watching  time always ROTFLing . For all family thogh   it was rated PG by the channel .

Knowing 3/5 

On 70s a young scholar  insted of making a  drawing as required by the  teacher  head some voices that  lead her to  wite a mysterious numerical  code . 20-30year later a professor tried sucesfully to decode that the yeld into a series of  tragical results :what is that ?  thogh iti is an action movie i prefered  the last 10 minutes that reimbursed my time  with a really  giga disaster

Intersection  ?/5

this movie has been watched in its last half but cant be well understood unless you watch from the start . anyway it is quite complex and for the moment i tooght  that the women were the 'good guys' of the story.

Cobra 3/5 

One very aggresive  movie full of action  that highens your adrenaline  to zenith . After watching it i could not  sleep !! Stallone is very good to demolish a big gang of more than 35 persons to protect  the nice model from death.  (Brigite Nielsen ) 


Source Code.  4/5 

Just 8 minutes  in a  parallel space  as avatar  on a crossfiction and reality to protect fom a bombign on  a train. THis 8 minute  experiment has been made several times untill .. 

Impressive scenario fction and reality  go together.

Mummy Dragon
A movie wih impressive graphics full of action and good plot. what ididnt understand is on how the emperor 's supenatural power degraded by the  time and was  as a typical  chinese warrior tby the end ,or i m missing something ? for example
Jet Li  once in a bad role !

Corelli's mandolin
An excellent movie I didnt know that it was a book untill my wife told me. A romantic story during the time of the 2nd war.Beautiful text as a real masterpiece and  hot moving story
5/5 realy  a masterpiece

I already have seen the Dhoom an indian movie aoubt 6 years ago and expected something really similar to it.Iwas totayl dissapointed that this  movie was a fiction horror with  human[?] beasts and crazy scientists killing themselves an anatomic medicine.

Baby's day out!
Ludicrus  but very funny  movie for all family that made my daughter laugh a lot   . It  is rated  here .OUt of logic was the  fall of the  bad people from the building without breaking ...their bones !Too cartoony
3/5 for the story 1/5 that  ??the logc

Resident Evil /Affinity
Here are sure many parts of this story  and our national TV chanel has only this part. Nice story  with intersting plot  and stunning graphics except the  bit disgusting ?? out of vilains moth in the end of the movie. Also nice girls

Can a storng actio nstory tame wih literary like interanal dialogue ?Surely not. This movie starting  full of action get in itsialst 15 miutes wih rather  boring self talk for the move standards. Mila sond very good in this movie As  Vee a killing machine in tis movie  is nvloved wi  the chase of a boy adn then  feels  very  motherly  on the end ina ttaly Marvel standards scene and colour  background  . Dont thin that this movie is a cartoon . It si jst the??? .
Acton 4/5 full of cheesy language stll ethe last 15 minutes
3.5  for all story

The mechanic  . 4/5

Interesting slow motion movie  in the start  and rather faster motion afer the middle of the movie. It could be better called 'the  vengeance' as most of the 1/3 th shown the fight of Statham with this counterpart against his boss . The funniest part was the killing of a so called savior as the  final scene of his counter part trying to fight his boss but follows his trap.

Trapped 4/5 ( Charlize Theron )

Very interesting and shocking psych thriller story of a woman with a diseased child trapped into the hands of a man wanting a vengeance for the death of his child caused by Theron's husband who is doctor  . But he failed to  gt it after her  husband took the story into his hands  Theron shows very young in this movie not older than 25. 


1) 'A rather bad movie using good actors as Banederas and Hayek into a full gun killing movie.  ' a mean level human critic
2) 'fun and enjoyful movie from the expert  of making B movies of spaghetti action' a Tatantula way thinking man.
Just select  the best response. 

The best offer

One of the best movies seems this period. rather difficult to describe my feelings after seeing , this made feel me rather shocked wit the end of the story . A young and seemingly rich woman who was living into a room for more than 15 years  suddenly after a  old man loved her transforms into a  deceiver who forget immediately her lover's love?
A  rather unusual female  robot advised  this man that this girl has left her house for more times than he  visited This point  is something that none could discuss   in the imdb  reviews listing.
Hitchcock type psych thriller 

The net 2.0

This story is clearly based in the Net of Sandra Bullock filmed abot 10+  years ago but is not a sequel. . Period. The new story is even more complex  than the original and requires you to watch from  the start or you will lose much of it . A mixture of  full action , suspense , psych thriller and a bit of matrix. Definitely worth if watching for  its action although it could sound quite overwhelming for other aspects including the rather computer illiterate IT  consultant using hotmail to read her emails and the sudden cut off of her money the time she was on the airplane . The IT goofs  to what the story is supposed downgrade it much.
Also did nt forget that it has been  filmed in Instabul the well known once capital of Byzantine  . It gives  aa excellent setting for the movie although it is underrated in favour of the story.
And  surely wait for sequel! 
plot : 7    action:10 setting : 10 goofs : many
3/5 It could be better if the director could care more on the  story situation and the ingredients involved



Connors war 

A thiller movie  with lot of action but no humor as  with Bruce Willis. and OK movie for late hours with some psychedelic effects .Coonor finds himself after  blinded in a clash against gangster team  that his boss was really a  traitor

Elephant white
A movi produced in my 'teritories' namely  Tailand , Wached it after the middle and lost important part and  understood that the scenario is rather complex so  i 'lost in the translation'from the part i have not wtched  .  A  macho negrito  involved in assasinations etc  has a ally who is also his  envy working for a gang of  human traffic and prostitution, ie  mainly  girls.  A 'ghost' helped him  to save these  girls ...

Two drivers stop a  driverless train form its crazy route on the lines of USA afer  numerous unsucessful attempts from the management  to stop it . Based in a true story .
Excellent movie with very  fast pacing and very fast holo camera movements  . it surely can  cause epilepsy to some viewers.

An excellent movie . A romance story mixed with the  end of Pompeii  under the burst of the nearby  volcano 4/5

 The fifth element

A ridiculously funny movie watched in a local  TV channel of our city. Bruce Willis  was a relatively funny actor but most of the paradise inhabitants were a bit of gay making the movie really ridiculous/ seems as  a parody and insult to Starwars
Fun: 5/5

Pope Joan: 

a huge  movie of atleast  2 hours palyed during the greek  Holy week in a  nationalwide TVchannel. I liked to see this movie as the story is quite provocative It is unknown  if this is a real story or just a fable as  VAtican  wants us to know. thogh story is very interesting the setting or the  filming was  rather bad ie noninsistent that made me rather indiferent.
Story 4.5 filming etc 2.5

Chocolat : 

nice to seethis movie though more than 10 years later . a greek series  is based in this movie . As with Pope Joan this story  seems also provocative. This woman has come into a very conservative village selling chocolats  the  time the poeple fastened for the Easter. The mayor is over conservative  to the level that he guided  the young priest for the preach. this si the only point that made me laugh. How can a  mayor  do this?
Very intereting  story , good actors , flat result
3/5  for this reason

Barbie  spy quad.  

One of the  latest movies Mattel  mainly aimed for  young  girls to merchandise their new dollies  .
Barbie now  has  a new look comparing to the lolder  movies such as face etc .
This is a  hilgh action movie  with more than  the real  acrobatics with  all the girsls sounding a bit of  superheroes,  . Also  lots of  CGI generated   high tech /futiristic  gadgets and  two  robot   pets.
I feel she is as  like a female Bruce Williams  or James Bondwith some  humor especially in the start of the movie .
The story seems not so original though  there is some predictable subversion  in the middle. The scenario is rather poor and has many holes. .
The moral  is nearly the same in all barbie's  movies : groups work better than individuals.

Spy kids 

Can someone deem this movie for kids though it has been produced  with kids?  for me not.unless  you set it to 15 and over . the puppies are disgusting so i hate them. As i have seen mr Very Beautyful(Mr Machette ) i can think this comes fromm the same insane producer /senariowriter as with Machete . it is very sad that Klooney  and Banderas played in this funny and idiot movie

Shaun  the sheep (series!)

It is one of the  funniest   children serie s with the nicest scenarios  that can be loved also by parents. Shaun is an very clever  sheep that likes  sometimes  to fix many  problems with his mates and sometimes cheat the rather stupid dog.I thin that still hte farmer is  more  stupid than Shaun.
A funny  , intelligent and subversive series . KUdos  to the British producers!
TYhe only  i dont know  is if this was pro0duced with  puppets or it is GCI

Garfield(series )

And another series with nice and clever stories as Shaun. I know  him more than 30 years ago . As with other series of ih s time  Garfield series  is made wirth CGI . Nothing other to notice except that i like his humorous  stories and the good CGI .

Watching the older movie of Machete 1, the machete kills seems of having nearly the same plot. The story has the same style with the first i.e.  very excessive killings  and broken legs hands and the same  over and over again , giving a surely  disgusting result as the umbrella  watch , though this sequel is more fun . Apparently removing the disgusting umbrella the movie s quite fun. 
  • Verdict from serious level 2/5
  • Verdict from the fun level 3/5

The first of movies I have seen from the new start of ERT on 11.6.15  featuring Emil Kusturica in a small island of Greece featuring a pelican who made up himself a tourist attraction in this island,after  being resurrected in the hands of a young buy  .The movie is very nice with excellent  pictures and  landscapes adn with a nice plot. The only bad is that the production all actors are Franch and not Greek

Verdict 4/5

Barbie  the princess power  (15)
This is possibly the last movie from the  Mattel company as for June 15 which was aired from the  nationwide  TV channel Star in greek language in two parts.  The movie was too funny in the fifst part  making us , me and my daughter  laugh a lot , but the second part aired the next day   was  more serious as it was the problem Barbie coped with  the bad guy of the story. Seems  quite 'naive' story
Verdict : 3/5